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This is where you find out that I am not a design expert and when I write about 'this sublime space', I'm speaking of the concept to which I aspire rather than a place already inhabited.

That said, I think I know good design when I see it and this is our journey to create a beautifully designed home out of the house we purchased back in late 2013 when we relocated to Canada from Denmark. It's our quest to leave our mark in this world - to the extent that our artistic vision, our resources, our wit and the Toronto planning by-laws will allow.

This blog is my therapeutic aid to the renovation process. I love taking photos, creating an archive of daily life and I get tremendous pleasure out of writing. This sublime space is where those worlds meet.

My background is as a barrister, a wife, a mother, a crafter, a book lover and a traveller.

Thank you for visiting and please leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Kitty B

This sublime space is my second blog. I previously wrote about expat life in Copenhagen over at These sublime days, which you might also enjoy!

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